About Christian Legal Fellowship

Christian Legal Fellowship (CLF) is a national charitable association that exists to serve the legal profession by deepening and strengthening the spiritual life of its members, and to encourage and facilitate among Christians in the vocation of law the integration of a biblical faith with contemporary legal, moral, social and political issues. CLF also seeks to advance the public good by articulating legal and moral principles that are consistent with, and illuminated by, our Christian faith through court interventions and parliamentary consultations. The CLF’s membership consists of nearly 600 lawyers, law students, professors, and others who support its work. It has 14 chapters in cities across Canada and student chapters in most Canadian law schools. While having no direct denominational affiliation, CLF’s members represent more than 30 Christian denominations working in association together.

In the beginning: The idea of CLF was formed by a few dedicated individuals after a student conference at Western University. CLF was then incorporated in 1978 out of the conviction that the vocation of law is a calling from God. With God's calling comes the responsibility and stewardship of integrating Christian faith and law. As Christian lawyers, law students, legal professionals and interested friends, we recognize the privilege and responsibility of joining together as a national voice to affirm our Christian convictions and the Judeo-Christian roots of our modern day laws and legal system.

“CLF is dedicated to uniting Christians involved in the administration, practice, teaching and study of law by:

Supporting their efforts to love and serve Jesus Christ; and by

Equipping and motivating them to advocate for justice and religious freedom.

CLF is dedicated to serving the body of Christ by:

Informing the Christian community about legal issues affecting them; and by Advocating a Biblical Judeo-Christian worldview of law and Justice in the public sphere.”