Student Ministries

About CLF Student Ministry and Student Chapters

CLF Student Ministries came into existence as a separate division of the Christian Legal Fellowship in the late 1990s. In 2003, the CLF Board of Directors created the position of Director of Student Ministries with a vision of significantly expanding CLF outreach to students.  This was because of the conviction that law is a ministry and law school is a mission field. Long time CLF member Cal Beresh was the first, and remains the current, Director of this program.

CLF maintains a deep appreciation for Christian law students and attempts to draw Christian law students into the CLF network to inspire and encourage them to use their legal training for the Kingdom of God.

CLF regards the next generation of lawyers as a strategic resource and considers it a top priority to reach out to pre-law and law students now, so that the legal profession will include Christian voices in the future. By virtue of their callings, many of these students will eventually hold prominent leadership positions in society and will have the opportunity, if adequately equipped, to glorify God and work for His Kingdom in this world. Considering the ominous trends threatening our nation and our churches, CLF views its commitment to its law student ministry as paramount.

CLF Local Law School Chapters provide practical assistance to students by way of fellowship, networking, prayer, Bible Study and outreach opportunities.  It is the goal of CLF to establish local CLF chapters at every law school in Canada and prayerfully expand to all post-secondary institutions and high schools.

Click here for contact information for the CLF chapter at your Law School.

To start a CLF chapter at your Law School, College, University, Seminary or High School, please contact the National Office at 519-208-9200 or email

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