Christian Legal Institute


"I consider my time at the (CLF) Christian Legal Institute to have been an intellectual revolution. It was as if a second half of my faith - my public mandate, to which I had been ignorant up to that point - was awakened, and I went back to law school with a new confidence both in my ability to challenge secular norms and in the truths upon which I stand as a Christian."
- CLI Participant

Location: Windermere Manor, London, ON

Applications/Registration for 2014 is almost closed! For full details and to start your application, click HERE!

What is the Christian Legal Institute?

Founded in 2009, the Christian Legal Institute (the Institute) is designed to equip students and others to articulate a robust Biblical worldview in a variety of vocations including law, politics, education, media, arts, medicine, and business. Applicants will be challenged and trained to engage their peers and professors in discussions related to Christian involvement in public life and be transformed in their thinking in addressing the issues facing our society.

This week-long program attracts legal practitioners and multi-disciplinary scholars from across Canada and around the world. Join us for a challenging week of teaching, delivered by leading thinkers and practitioners coupled with the opportunity for fellowship, discussion, prayer, and praise. Our aim is that delegates will be prepared for passionate, servant-heated, Christ-centered leadership within a wide variety of vocations. We hope that they will also develop lasting friendships with peers and mentors that will be a source of support, encouragement, growth, and accountability for years to come.