Pre-Law Student Ministries



If you are considering a career in law, we are delighted, and trust that you are seeking the Lord’s leading.  Many Christians dismiss the option of a legal career because it is not viewed as a traditional means of ministering the Word of God.  There may be challenges in the legal profession but of course all Christians face challenges regardless of the career path they choose. Christian Legal Fellowship views the legal profession as a ministry.  Moreover, law schools are a strategic missions field, as many future politicians, judges, and other leaders are first law students. 

It can be a daunting challenge to enter law school as a Christian without a support network.  We aim to give pre-law students the necessary support and encouragement to begin the law school journey.

Pre-Law Student Conference Presented by CLF and TWU- RESCHEDULED to November 14th

Students interested in law, enrolled law students, and current law students!

Law school is a different educational experience - for everyone - and the demands of the law and legal study can pose additional questions for Christian students. We endeavor to facilitate discussions about the challenges of law school and support law students living out their Christian faith.

Christian Legal Fellowship is pleased to collaborate with Trinity Western University for a “Law School Prep” event, consisting of a full-day program Saturday November 14th at Trinity Western University in Langley, BC.

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