CLF Student Mentoring

The purpose of the CLF Mentoring program is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between an experienced Christian lawyer and a newly-called Christian lawyer or between a Christian lawyer and a Christian law student.

Mentoring is a practice commonly used throughout industry, particularly by companies that have proven most effective and aggressive in grooming leaders of the future.  The CLF regards the next generation of Christian lawyers as a strategic group and considers it essential to reach out to new lawyers and law students now, so that the legal profession will include strong Christian voices and leaders of tomorrow.

Please note: Mentoring applications are for CLF law students and lawyer members only. 

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Students and newly-called lawyers are encouraged to apply, though the service is open to any member seeking a mentor. Every effort will be made to place you in a mentoring relationship with a more mature Christian lawyer. 

We also need mature individuals to apply who would be willing to serve as a mentor to a younger student or lawyer.

To Apply for the Mentorship Program, click HERE and fill out the online form