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As a public service for the benefit of the general public and its current members, Christian Legal Fellowship provides selected legal referrals to the general public in Canada. Such referrals are made to current CLF attorney members who 1) have indicated their willingness to receive such referrals, 2) practice law in an area appropriate to the requested legal matter, and 3) practice in the geographic proximity to where the legal matter can be appropriately addressed. Once you submit the form below, we will be in touch via post mail or Email (if you provided an Email address) concerning your referral request. We will do our best to supply you with the name or names of Christian Legal Fellowship lawyer members who are in your location and who specialize in the legal area you selected.
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The purpose of the CLF Mentoring program is to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between an experienced Christian lawyer and a newly-called Christian lawyer or between a Christian Lawyer and a Christian Law Student. Mentoring is a practice commonly used throughout industry, particularly by companies that have proven most effective and aggressive in grooming leaders of the future. The CLF regards the next generation of Christian lawyers as a strategic group and considers it essential to reach out to new lawyers and law students now, so that the legal profession will include strong Christian voices and leaders of tomorrow. Access to the Mentorship Program is limited to members of CLF. Interested in membership? Fill out the Membership Application above!
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Join us today! Christian Legal Fellowship is a growing, dynamic, and friendly organization and we would love to welcome you! Please take a few moments to fill out the form below.
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