Video Series:
Court Cases to Watch in 2018

CLF announces its brand new video series: Court Cases to Watch in 2018. Watch CLF's Derek Ross provide 3 minute updates on significant legal issues affecting religious and equality rights of all Canadians. Watch the entire series below. Sign up for CLF updates here.  

Episode 1: Trinity Western

Is there a space in Canada for a Christian law school?

Episode 2: Canada Summer Jobs

Do Canadians have to believe what the government believes in order to receive equal treatment?

Episode 4: Church Autonomy

Should courts have a say in church membership decisions? The Supreme Court of Canada will address this question in a decision expected soon.

Episode 3: Expanding Euthanasia

Should euthanasia be performed on patients who are not dying or near death? Cases in BC and Quebec will address this important question. 

Episode 5: Freedom of Conscience

Can physicians be forced to participate in euthanasia and abortion, even if doing so goes against their ethical judgment?

Episode 6: Recurring themes in religious freedom cases

Is there space in Canada for people to disagree, even on fundamental issues, or must we conform with majoritarian views in order to fully participate in society?