The Christian Legal Fellowship (CLF) is a member organization of Christian legal professionals, law students, and others, dedicated to serving Jesus Christ.

Legal Interventions
May 14, 2015
CLF to Intervene in TWU - BC
On May 14, 2015, CLF was granted standing to intervene in the judicial review of the Law Society of British Columbia's (LSBC) decision to not accredit TWU's proposed law school (click here for more information on this and other TWU challenges).

March 19, 2015
CLF’s  Intervention in Loyola
Affirms protection of Faith Communities and Parents
The Supreme Court of Canada has affirmed that faith communities are protected by the Charter’s guarantee of freedom of religion, and parents have a legally protected right to form educational institutions to pass on their religious faith to their children. Continue to CLF's press release here. Read full decision here.

February 6, 2015
CLF’s Intervention in Carter
Blanket Prohibition Struck but Stringent Restrictions still legitimate
The Supreme Court of Canada struck down as unconstitutional Canada’s Criminal Code provisions banning physician-assisted suicide, but gave Parliament one year to create a new regime with a stringently limited, carefully monitored system of exceptions to the ban. Continue to CLF’s press release.  Read full decision here.

January 29, 2015
CLF’s Intervention in TWU - NS
Affirms Religious Freedom of Law Students and Lawyers
The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia upheld the right of Christian law students to attend a private religious law school with others who share their faith, and to practice law in the province of Nova Scotia without having to face additional barriers based on their beliefs. (Judicial reviews are also taking place in BC and ON.) Continue to CLF’s press release.  Read full decision here.  

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We've Moved!
CLF has moved! As of July 1st, 2015, we are now located at 470 Weber St North, Suite 202 in Waterloo, ON, N2L 6J2. 

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Cases of Interest

February 11, 2015
On February 9, 2015, the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador issued an important decision referring marriage commissioner Desirée A. Dichmont’s complaint regarding workplace accommodation and protection of religious and conscience rights to the Human Rights Tribunal for a full hearing.(Continue to CLF's full press release).

November 15, 2015
CLF RESPONDS TO CPSM DRAFT STATEMENT ON PHYSICIAN ASSISTED DYING: CLF explained in its submissions to the CPSM that the CPSM’s draft statement on physician assisted dying is premature, outside the CPSM’s jurisdiction, overlooks critical nuances with respect to the scope of the invalidation of the criminal prohibition on assisted suicide, and appears to be based on the false premise that medical colleges and their members have a positive obligation to provide or facilitate access to PAD.

November 7, 2015
CLF PRESENTS WRITTEN AND ORAL SUBMISSIONS TO FEDERAL PANEL: CLF was invited by the (federal) External Panel on a Legislative Response to Carter to engage in a direct consultation based on its interventions in Carter. CLF met with the Panel in Toronto and made both oral and written submissions on a number of questions of law and ethics.

October 19, 2015
CLF RESPONDS TO COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF SASKATCHEWAN'S CONSULTATION ON PHYSICIAN ASSISTED DYING: On October 19th, 2015, CLF filed submissions regarding the CPSS’s draft guidance document on “Physician-Assisted Dying”.  CLF identified problems with the draft document and urged the CPSS to make it clear in all its future policies that no physician is required to participate in assisted suicide, either directly or by providing referral.

September 24, 2015
CLF PROVIDES SUBMISSIONS TO PROVINCIAL/TERRITORIAL ADVISORY GROUP: CLF was invited by the Provincial/Territorial Expert Advisory Group on Physician-Assisted Dying to participate in its consultation by completing a detailed survey. The survey contained questions on a wide range of issues including eligibility for “aid in dying”, how capacity should be assessed, the role of physicians and other health care workers, the role of health care institutions, conscientious objection, regulatory oversight, and various procedural matters. See CLF's submissions.

August 7, 2015
CLF MAKES SUBMISSION TO COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS OF SASKATCHEWAN (CPSS) CLF has made a submission to the CPSS urging them to reconsider their policy on Conscientious Objection to reflect physicians’ constitutionally protected rights of freedom of religion and conscience when it comes to potentially controversial areas of treatment. Click here to read CLF’s full submission.
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