Legal Issues

Christian Legal Fellowship (CLF) engages in interventions consistent with its founding objects, and primarily in issues threatening sanctity of life, religious freedom, the traditional family, and such other issues that serve to challenge our beliefs as contained in the Bible and reflected in our Statement of Faith. This is similar to what has been the case with sister organizations in several other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa (to name a few). Each has fellowships of Christian lawyers engaged in similar issues. For more information, see the international lawyer societies links herein.

By way of background, and in keeping with our objects and founding principles, we believe that as Christians, we are called to proclaim, teach, and live by God’s standards. In so doing, it is imperative that we communicate in a spirit of love and ascribe wholeheartedly to the principle that every individual is created in the image of God and therefore possesses a special dignity. While it is not unreasonable to expect some differences of opinion in such a large and demographically diverse organization as ours, we believe that a cornerstone of the Christian Legal Fellowship is to apply our individual and collective legal skills, knowledge and efforts in a way that best meets our commitment to integrate our Christian faith with the law.

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CLF Allies are those who willingly share common values on one or more of the issues within CLF's mission. In the past, CLF has aligned itself with other Christian organizations in defending religious freedom and other constitutional issues and will continue to do so.

Members are invited to contact us for more information.