Summary of Activities
"WHEREAS Canada is founded upon the principles that recognize 
the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law:"  

Opening words of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, being Part I of the Constitution Act, 1982

Acting through the direction of its Board of Directors, CLF:

  • encourages and equips Christians called to the vocation of law through spiritual support and community
  • organizes and promotes conferences and seminars, including our annual CLF National Conference, our National Law Student Conference, our Law & Church Leadership Seminar, our Christian Legal Institute; and our Pre-Law Student Conference(s);
  • promotes Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which is designed to help Christians mend their disputes according to Biblical teaching;
  • augments Christian Advocacy by participation in legal interventions where CLF can seek to advance justice, protect the vulnerable, and advocate for fundamental human rights and freedoms;
  • informs the Christian community of emerging legal issues and cases of relevance to the Church and its members;
  • establishes and supports local fellowship groups and chapters;
  • provides access to justice to members of the public seeking legal assistance through its Lawyer Referral Service;
  • publishes "LawWatch" and the Christian Legal Journal quarterly;
  • makes submissions to government and provides legal support on public issues to other Christian organizations;
  • supports law student ministry and support throughout the nation's law schools; and
  • promotes discipleship by matching lawyers and students in a mentoring program.

In addition to the foregoing, CLF has the following commitments:

CLF is committed to Law Students

The demands of the law and legal study can pose unique challenges for Christian students. Students need the encouragement, discipleship, and wisdom of Christian lawyers who have walked the legal road to support their spiritual development while studying law.  CLF supports and encourages Christian fellowship groups in law schools and matches lawyers and students in a mentoring program. Law Student membership fees are subsidized by other members and are currently only $25 for 2015.

CLF is Committed to Doing Justice and Showing Compassion

One of CLF’s objects is to encourage its members “to do justice and show compassion”. In so doing, it seeks to further the public good by articulating how legal, moral, and religious principles can be applied to particular social and legal problems in Canada. As Christian lawyers, we are heirs to a tradition of legal thought that bears on many of the most pressing legal and constitutional questions facing our profession and the broader community. We believe it is our responsibility to continue to develop that tradition and work with others to determine what justice requires in a free and democratic society.

Over nearly two decades, CLF has intervened in 19 separate proceedings, seeking to advance justice, protect the vulnerable, and advocate for freedom of religion, conscience, and expression. As Canada’s national association of Christian lawyers and law students, CLF’s perspective has been found to be valuable by our nation’s courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada, in numerous leading cases on relevant Charter issues.

All Board Members, Executive Director, Directors, staff, lawyers, law students, and associate members of CLF, as a condition of their employment or membership in CLF, acknowledge their acceptance of, and agreement with CLF's Statement of Faith.