Summary of Activities
"WHEREAS Canada is founded upon the principles that recognize 
the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law:"  

Lest we forget: These are the  opening words of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, being Part I of the Constitution Act, 1982


Acting through the direction of its Board of Directors, CLF:

  • promotes Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which is  designed to  help Christians mend their disputes according to Biblical teaching;

  • augments Christian Advocacy by participation in legal interventions on constitutional cases impacting the unborn, the family and religious freedom;

  • informs the Christian community of  emerging legal issues and cases;

  • organizes and promotes conferences and seminars, including our traditional CLF National Convention and AGM, our National Law Student Conference, our Law & Church Leadership Seminar, our Women's Seminar; and our Pre-Law Student Conference(s);

  • publishes an  annual Membership Directory and a Student Profiles' Directory; 

  • establishes and supports local fellowship groups and chapters;

  • makes referrals to its members through its Lawyer Referral Service;

  • publishes "LawWatch" and the Christian Legal Journal quarterly;

  • makes submissions to government and provides legal support on public issues to other Christian organizations;

  • supports student fellowship groups throughout the nation's law schools; and

  • matches lawyers and students in a mentoring program.

In addition to the foregoing, CLF has the following commitments:

CLF is committed to Law Students

Students are the future of CLF.  Students need the encouragement of those who have walked the legal road to assist them during the years spent studying law.  CLF supports and encourages Christian fellowship groups in law schools and matches lawyers and students in a mentoring program.  Law Student membership fees are subsidized by other members and are currently only $25 for 2015.

CLF is committed to Education

CLF is committed to keeping the Christian legal community informed about legal issues affecting the church. CLF is also committed to a Christian worldview on legal issues affecting our nation as a whole.

CLF is Committed to Promoting a Biblical Judeo-Christian Worldview of Law

CLF participates in the public debate on issues facing our society.  CLF has opportunities for making submissions to government and for providing legal support on public issues to other Christian organizations. Throughout its national network of Christian lawyers, CLF informs the Christian community of important upcoming cases.

All Board Members, Executive Director, Directors, staff, lawyers, law students, and associate members of CLF, as a condition of their employment or membership in CLF, acknowledge their acceptance of, and agreement with CLF's Statement of Faith.