Children Taken Away from Foster Home that Refuses to Affirm Existence of Easter Bunny

Derek and Frances Baars, a devout Christian couple that runs their own foster home, have filed for an application against the Hamilton Children’s Aid Society (CAS) for closing down their foster home in March 2016 on the grounds that the couple refused to lie to their girls about the existence of the Easter bunny. CAS support worker, Tracey Lindsay, was satisfied with the quality of care the girls had received but took issue when the Baars refused her request that they, as part of their parental duty, teach the girls about the Easter bunny in honour of “Canadian culture”.

In response to their refusal, Lindsay gave the Baars notice that the girls would be taken away and that their foster home would be shut down; she refused their request for a transition period of more than 24 hours. Aside from the apparent triviality of the issue at hand, Hamilton CAS has insisted that the foster home be closed down despite the fact that foster homes and foster parents are in severe shortage now.