Finding a christian lawyer

How do you find a lawyer who can really help you?  We have several hundred CLF lawyer-members across Canada to assist. Before reading more about our referral service, take a look at our list of Advertising Lawyers and see if there may be one in your area!


Our CLF lawyer referrals are processed through our national office. We will endeavour to find a referral from our greater CLF lawyer membership.

It is exclusively up to the lawyer and client in every case whether to enter into a solicitor-client relationship and what the terms of that relationship shall be. Christian Legal Fellowship does not warrant that any lawyer to whom a client is referred will undertake the representation, nor does CLF warrant the competence or the cost of any such representation that is undertaken as a result of a CLF referral.

All referred lawyers of Christian Legal Fellowship are members unless otherwise indicated. CLF makes no other representation as to the personal or professional qualifications of the persons. CLF exercises no control over or any supervision of the legal work its members perform; nor does CLF control or have responsibility for the legal fees its members charge for their services.

Please be patient as we do our best to process your request as efficiently as possible. If you have an upcoming hearing, court, or mediation date (or other deadline), please indicate the date in the description of your case on the form. 

This web site and all information contained therein is distributed with the understanding that it does not constitute legal advice or establish a solicitor/client relationship. The contents are intended for general information purposes only and under no circumstances can be relied upon without first consulting with a lawyer and obtaining a written opinion concerning the specifics of the particular situation. The views expressed by the contributors to the web site are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Christian Legal Fellowship.