Online Legal Referral Service Form

As a service for the benefit of the general public, Christian Legal Fellowship provides selected legal referrals to the general public in Canada. Such referrals are made to current CLF lawyer members who 1) have indicated their willingness to receive such referrals, 2) practice law in an area appropriate to the requested legal matter, and 3) practice in the geographic proximity to where the legal matter can be appropriately addressed. 

Once you submit the form below, we will be in touch via email concerning your referral request. We will do our best to supply you with the name of a Christian Legal Fellowship lawyer who is in your location and who specializes in the legal area you selected.

It is exclusively up to the lawyer and client in every case whether to enter into a solicitor-client relationship and what the terms of that relationship shall be. Christian Legal Fellowship (CLF) does not warrant that any lawyer to whom a person is referred will undertake the representation, nor does CLF warrant the competence or the cost of any such representation that is undertaken as a result of a CLF referral.

All referred lawyers of Christian Legal Fellowship are members unless otherwise indicated. CLF makes no other representation as to the personal or professional qualifications of the lawyer. CLF exercises no control over or any supervision of the legal work its members perform; nor does CLF control or have responsibility for the legal fees its members charge for their services. All information communicated by CLF in connection with this referral service is done with the understanding that it does not constitute legal advice or establish a solicitor/client relationship.

Preliminary Questions
You MUST answer honestly. Please let us know whether or not legal counsel has already been hired/obtained for this issue/matter. We are unable to process referral requests where the client already has a lawyer. If you are unhappy with the service you are currently receiving, please talk with your lawyer. In the event that you should end your relationship with your lawyer, feel free to come back to our website and submit a referral request.
Because of the distinct legal relationship between a lawyer and their client, WE GENERALLY CANNOT ACCEPT REFERRAL REQUESTS MADE ON BEHALF OF ANOTHER PERSON. If you MUST fill out the form on behalf of someone else because they are INCAPABLE of doing so themselves, you MUST have their permission AND only include information at their expressed request.
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Please note that we are unable to process requests for pro bono assistance at this time. Do you have the means to pay for legal services? If not, have you applied for or received a Legal Aid Certificate? For more information on legal aid eligibility, please copy-paste the following link into your browser:
Please indicate how long you, the prospective client, are willing and/or able to travel to meet with a lawyer. We will do our best to find a lawyer in your area, but this question is key to narrowing our search parameters.
Please indicate the type of case for which you are seeking a referral.
Please provide a brief narrative about your situation. For example: I am getting a divorce; I am being charged with stealing; I am being sued for a car accident; etc. You must provide a narrative or we will not have enough information to be able to provide you with a referral.
By clicking "I agree" you authorize Christian Legal Fellowship (“CLF”) to share information, for the purposes of facilitating a legal referral, including my personal information and all other information provided in my Legal Referral Service Form, to a CLF member lawyer; or, at the discretion of CLF, to non-member lawyers where CLF finds there are no suitable member lawyers. You also understand and agree that your use of CLF’s Lawyer Referral service does not create any lawyer-client relationship between yourself and CLF.