CLF's Annual Academic Symposium

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Symposium on religion, Law & HUman Rights
September 27, 2018 (Vancouver)

Read the 2018 Symposium Report here. View the Schedule here

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Symposium: Legal, Social, and ETHICal Implications of the Supreme Court's Carter Decisions
September 21, 2017 (Toronto)

Last year, leading professionals and academics gathered from across Canada to present papers about the Carter decisions relating to MAiD (medical assistance in dying). The Symposium centred on the social, ethical and legal implications of the Carter I and Carter II decisions.

Thirteen papers were developed out of this national academic symposium and compiled into a special edition of the Supreme Court Law Review, edited by Derek Ross (CLF Executive Director & General Counsel). This collection offers meaningful reflections to the many perplexing questions currently being asked about MAiD.

To learn more, read the Introduction to the book, and sample an article, take a look at our blog post.