CLF's UBC Chapter Hosts Student Conference

CLF lawyers and law students at the UBC CLSA Student Conference, January 31, 2016. 

CLF lawyers and law students at the UBC CLSA Student Conference, January 31, 2016. 

The UBC Christian Law Students’ Association hosted their second annual Christian Law Students’ Conference on January 30th, 2016. In addition to a time of worship, devotional, prayer, and fellowship over breakfast, there was a panel on stories. Seven lawyers, ranging from an articling student to a semi-retired lawyer, and coming from many areas of practice, took part in the panel and spoke about their journey in law and how God had worked through the highs and lows.

The conference was highly encouraging to all the thirty Christian law students and lawyers who attended. We would like to thank CLF for helping to make it possible!

-Tabitha Ewert, 2L & Tammi Hua 3L

The best part about the CLSA conference for me was being able to talk to lawyers who are both joyful and openly excited to use their work to glorify God. It entrenched for me that working in law is not just about helping God's children achieve justice, but that God is also using our vocation, its responsibilities and its challenges, to help us be the best versions of ourselves.

-Czarina Pacaide, 2L

I was encouraged by the conference- it's great to get together with Christian lawyers and students and to hear their stories of how they are growing in faith and living it out in their profession.

-Peter Stauffer, 2L

I found the Conference to be both encouraging to my faith and encouraging in my early journey into the legal profession. Being able to see from, and hear of, the struggles and joys of Christian lawyers is always uplifting; but especially getting the opportunity to hear their personal faith journeys in the legal profession was a great perspective to witness. It opened my eyes to the variety that each individual has in the practice of law, and the various different ways in which one can serve God in the legal profession. As a whole, this Conference encouraged me to continue to ask God for His will in my own individual life, and to not simply copy other people's journeys in the legal profession. It reminded me that he has an individual purpose for me in this vocation, and that I need to continually rely on and trust in Him to reveal that to me day by day.

-Rhys Volkenant, 1L

CLF's National Law Student Conference is also happening March 10-13, at Queen's University in Kingston - for more information, visit our Student Conference website